Making of Manush Mela

01. About the Project

Manush Mela is one of the most popular folk and contemporary musical event happening in the heart of Kolkata.

Manush Mela is an annual fair that takes place at Baishnabghata Patuli Township in the city of Kolkata of West Bengal, India on a 1.7acre of green land, within the heart of the city. Manush Mela sets to happen on the first weekend of the month of December each year.

Manush Mela is unique. This is not just another fair. It is a unique concept that makes Manush Mela project an amazingly exceptional and pioneering project in this era. Though it started to advocate Baul & Fakiri music and philosophy at the first place, since then it has expanded its edge by incorporating different unique programs to make up the entirety.

The Main Stage

02. Manush Moncho

This is the main stage where all the eminent Bauls and Fakirs offer their original performance. Not only that, it also offers a platform for sharing the knowledge and ideas by esteemed folk researchers, Manush Mela patrons and advisors.

While 2015 Manush Mela was honored by the presence of respected Bauls and Fakirs of Kusthiya Lalon Academy, Bangladesh along with renowned Bauls and Fakirs from different parts of Bengal, 2016 Manush Mela was enthralled by the experimental fusion performance made by Fakira and Kaushik & Friends on 3rd and 4th December respectively. Manush Moncho also sets the call for Milon song each year to end the fair for the year.

The Stage for Contemporary Music & Performance

03. Mukto Moncho

If Manush Moncho was the heart of Manush Mela, the soul resides in the Mukto Moncho itself. Mukto Moncho, a unique and revolutionary idea introduced by Manush Mela, has truly set an example and become a pioneering concept of its kind.

The idea has become so popular that Joydeb Mela, a 300-year-old custom, also adopted to the idea and included Mukto Moncho in their Mela format.

The idea behind Mukto Moncho is to offer an inimitable platform to the urban music enthusiasts who want to leave their significant contribution in the era of Bengali music and culture. Mukto Moncho was basically designed to honor those free souls who play music for soul, yet in an urbanized setting with their own guitar or dubki. Choice is theirs.

Honoring the Greater Souls

04. Manush Sonmaan

A step to promote humanity...

Since its onset, Manush Mela has introduced Manush Somman (Rewarding Humanity) to show our gratitude to those super humans, those greatest souls, who despite being among us and look like any common individuals living at the next door, have proved every time that they are quite a far ahead of us in their thoughts, actions and struggles just to make the positive difference in our society.

Music itself is a strong weapon against any kind of violence happening in the world and music has the power to complement humanity. We all accept that. Manush Mela has its theme lies in recognizing and appreciating the heart of music by its all means and measures.

Offering Seva

05. Panchatatva Seva

Our body is composed of these great elements and hence offering seva or seba to these elements means offering seba to human.

A human body is made up of 5 great elements – together they are known as panchatatva or pancha-bhoota. They are Prithvi (earth), Apas (water), Tejas (light), Maruta (wind) and Aakaash (sky). Our body is composed of these great elements and hence offering seva or seba to these elements means offering seba to human. Hence, we have named our meal serving zone as Panchatatva Seba. The meal was served during breakfast, lunch and dinner and it was complimentary service to all the performers, volunteers, friends, associates, and stall owners of Manush Mela.

In fact, we have extended our panchatatva seva by extending our offer with Khichuri (porridge) and Labra (mixed vegetables) to the general mass attending the event on the last day of the fair.

Experience the True Essence of "Baul Fakiri Songo"

06. Akhara

At Manush Mela, our audiences can enjoy a true flare of folk festival and no folk festival can be exciting and pleasurable without akhara.

Akhara is a place where sadhakas share their thoughts, life mantra, and most importantly philosophy and music with their disciples. Considering the importance of Akhara, two wide-sized akharas were designed each year, dedicated to distinguished sadhakas from folk genre. In Manush Mela 2015, the akharas were and in 2016, they were named as

Akharas were perfectly designed with comfy setup for Bauls and Fakiras. More than 2-3000 visitors and disciples visit and spend their time in akharas with sadhakas and share amazing moments with them.

The interactive and business zone...

07. VIP Tent & Stalls

With an average footfall of 45K and above, Manush Mela premises is undoubtedly a lucrative event to promote any brand or make direct sales.

As already said, Manush Mela sets a pioneering trend when it identifies itself as Baul & Fakiri musical fair. It is not just the biggest in Kolkata, but it is unique and exciting for its audiences, guests and performers. Stalls are no of exception. Most of our stalls are designed to serve the society and have their own unique style to do their serving. Just for an example, while our 2015 Manush Mela provided complimentary stall to Love n Care NGO that serves society through animal advocacy, our 2016 Manush Mela offered complimentary stall to Drug De-Addiction Centre that works to promote awareness against drug addiction and in 2017 PETA Youth participated with their set of campaigns.

We have designed VIP tent area to serve our VIP guests. It is our immense pleasure that our VIP guests enjoy their time at Manush Mela, getting engaged with the melody of folk music while relishing the moment with all the VIP benefits and privileges.

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