Manush Mela 2016 Theme Song – The Story in Short

A theme song for a baul-fakir event!!!!!!!!! They took it that way when we first published the news at our Facebook page. We told no!! Not only a song, but a video too to reach more people with our goal to connect with more and more audiences.

Before considering the idea, we were known with the fact that a number of videos reached Youtube every day and then lost even before they meet their purpose. We Manush Mela team took the challenge.

Saikat did wonderful with the lyric, mixed the mela passion with the baul-fakir philosophy and rock culture. From the very first day, the name ‘Manush Mela’ faced a bit controversy and finally through the theme song lyric, we explained ‘why this is Manush Mela’.

Laksman Das Baul from Joydeb, Ila Maa & Ayushi from Krishnanagar, Nadia, Timir from Fakira Band and Koushik from Prithibi band came forward and joined hand. Kunal did the best with composition and arrangement part and gave it a final shape. We travelled Joydeb and Amrul Ashram to shoot the video. Kolkata Videos supported us with their full force in terms of mixing-mastering and audio-video editing. Chayan was simply superb at his programming and last but not the least, Soumyadeb did an amazing job as a DOP. We love you all guys!

Whenever we thought, we were surprised that a theme video for a baul-fakir event crossed 12K YouTube viewership without any big so-called promotion!!!!!! We expected to make it big & loud and possibly we came closer.

Special Thanks to Debu Bhattacharya from UD Entertainment for his kind cooperation to give the song his lebel and launch it.

So, we set a trend that Manush Mela is all about wild dream- creativity- passion- vision and madness. We are actually living in it.

You can buy the music from different online platform like Gaana, Times Music, Eros Now Music, Airtel Wynk and iTunes etc. If you like the stuff, you can set it as your caller tune.

Love…..Light…….Peace. Let us celebrate humanity together.

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