Manush Mela: Not Just Another Fair

Manush Mela is a passionate dream of Saikat Sarkar, the conceptualizer of Manush Mela, gradually he has injected his dream into a group of young and enthusiastic individuals who now become a part of Manush Mela and live with it. Established in their own career, all Manush Mela team members are determined to provide a unique experience of Manush Mela, each time, every year.

In recent days, we can observe a surge of folk fairs in Kolkata. However, Manush Mela sets its unique trend by integrating a lot of unique features and activities. While Manush Mela creates an ambiance of hamlet by introducing Akhara with the Main Stage (Manush Moncho) on one side, it leaves y-generation ecstatic with its liveliness of Secondary Stage (Mukto Moncho) acting as a boon to cosmopolitan music enthusiasts.

Manush Mela is a unique concept driven program by Saikat Sarkar and his Manush Mela team and each year we set our target to present something unique to audiences, keeping the flavor of originality intact. We are growing bigger with each year, we strive hard to keep our uniqueness in every format we design each year.

While Manush Mela 2015 hosts performers from Kusthia, Bangladesh and opens up a new possibility for connecting souls by introducing Mukto Moncho, Manush Mela 2016 brings wider surprises with Jhumur songs and dance from Purulia, Folk Fusion, Selfie and Photography contest and a lot more things.

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