Philosophy, Mission & Vision

Baul and Fakiri Music celebrates the love and compassion by seeking divinity in human beings. In this period of violence, where the existence of humanity is questioned at every nook and corner, only music of love and oneness can bring peace and harmony.

Baul and Fakiri music does not believe in so-called differences made by society or religion. It promotes oneness and searching inside. It’s more of a spiritual cult than religious belief. In Baul and Fakiri philosophy, humans have two castes – one is male and other one is female. There is no other difference.

Also, Baul and Fakiri philosophy believes in internalizing of God, it doesn’t seek God at any temple, mosque, or church, it rather seeks that omnipotent power within a human.


We believe in humanity. It’s a celebration for humanity. Manush Mela means manusher (humans) mela (fair), where we all celebrate love and natural bonding between humans through folk music.

Being Kolkata’s one of the biggest folk-cultural fair, it celebrates art, culture, food and most importantly music for soul. Our Manush Mela is not just ours, it’s yours too. Manush Mela is not just a regular fair, it sets your identity as a human and what role you can plan in the realm of humanity.


As Manush Mela team, our mission is to set a unique trend in organizing folk-fair through Manush Mela and collectively advocates humanity, love, and compassion.

Our objective is to organize the fair in a never-seen-before style, each year, every time. However, our main goal is to connect souls, spreading love and compassion through music.


With Manush Mela, we dare to dream a lot. In today’s world of turmoil, while it is difficult to find peace and love, we believe our small step can win a million hearts and connect them for a single reason – and the reason is love for music.

No matter what newer attractions make up the fair, what newer events are included in next fairs, we relate ourselves to a fair of music, especially folk music and love between humans without any set boundaries.

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