The World Is Not Just for Humans, It’s for Everyone & Manush Mela Proved It Once More Time

At Manush Mela, we have introduced Manush Sonmaan (Rewarding Humanity) to show our gratitude to those super souls, who being among us, have proved every time that they are quite a far ahead of us in their thoughts, actions and struggles with the society.

Manush Mela, since its onset, believes in advocating humanity. What could be the better medium than music of soul to advocate humanity? Therefore, the main theme of our Manush Mela event is to promote music and mainly music from soil.

However, we are a bunch of energetic and creative enthusiasts, how could we limit our creative instinct when it comes to promoting humanity, especially when we all are inspired by our captain, our president Saikat Sarkar, a die-hard animal activist and vegan, to guide us to our path?

Manush Mela 2015 arranged complimentary stall for Love n Care Animal Welfare NGO in order to promote animal welfare and awareness among the mass. This year (2016), Saikat decided to move one step ahead by introducing Manush Sonmaan by Manush Mela Committee and awarded Biva Upaddhaya for her relentless struggle to secure the life of stray animals in Baishnabghata Patuli Township area, despite of her financial crisis and social pressure. Along with her daughter, she has sacrificed her entire life to make life of those helpless souls a better one.

This is our immense pleasure to honor Biva Upaddhaya for her dedication and contribution to the society. Our councilor of 110 ward, Mr. Arup Chakraborty, also overwhelmed with her continuous struggle and assured to offer support that she may need in her journey to save lives.

On stage, Biva was praised with certificate and memento by Saikat Sarkar, Rakktim Ghosh and Swarnali Sarkar.

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